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About Intelligent Mobile Computing Lab [한글소개] [연구소개 YouTube]
Today, we live in an "always connected" world thanks to mature wireless networking technologies such as WiFi and 4G/LTE that enable mobile unified communications. This concept of "always connected" is now spanning from interconnecting "smart" handheld devices to a broad range of devices/environments including smart vehicles (e.g., inter-vehicular communications), smart home (e.g., networked home appliances), smart grid (e.g., networked electricity control), etc. We believe this spread will be even more accelerated due to advent of Internet of Things (IoT).

Our Intelligent Mobile Computing Lab has been working on: 1) Interconnecting devices in IoT environment and their efficient managements; 2) Human or machine generated data have become enormous recently. To process them and extract meaningful conclusions, big data frameworks (i.e., Hadoop, Spark, Tez, etc.) and their resource management & scheduling tools (i.e., YARN, Mesos, etc.) are widely used. Our research focus is on improving their performances and building such systems; and 3) Lastly, but equally importantly, network QoS and traffic optimization are required from the datacenter (gigantic data exchange) to home network (relatively small data exchange). To better cope with these requirements, we are also working on Software Defined Networking (SDN).
Lab News
  • [Notice] Open positions for graduate students (Integrated MS-PhD/PhD) in Intelligent Mobile Computing Lab!
    Anyone with the high motivation and strong system implementation (programming) skill feels free to reach me via or check this page for more info)
  • [공지] 지능형 모바일 컴퓨팅 연구실에 석사/박사과정으로 관심있는 학생은 으로 연락바랍니다.
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